Age Perfect Gold Eye Cream

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  • Elasticity & Firming Eyes Essence
  • reduce wrinkles around the eyes
  • restore firmness, and keep eye skin tender, firm and elastic
  • Professional care
  • 30g

Age Perfect Gold Eye Cream

Efficacy: Directly penetrate into the subcutaneous fiber tissue, activate the epidermis cells, reduce wrinkles around the eyes, restore firmness, and keep eye skin tender, firm and elastic.

How to use eye cream?

One of the first signs and symptoms of aging on an individual's face can be seen around the eye, and if not addressed in a timely manner, its effects may deepen and can no longer be easily lost.

Eye Cream

Due to the specific features of skin and tissue surrounding the eye, care should be taken in choosing and using cosmetic materials, because, for example, the use of worms such as sunscreens of any quality, will have an adverse effect because Causing more wrinkles around the eyes.


On the other hand, the use of eye cream and the correct way to apply it will have a double effect.


What is the effect of eye-worms around the eyes?
With its unique features, it will eliminate darkness, blemishes, and swelling around the eye area. Next, the eye cream will remove wrinkles around the eyes.

Another important point that will have a great impact on the usefulness of using the eye-worm is how to contact the eye cream around the eye, while using it is better to use a rhythmic stroke and from the inside of the eye to the outer area of the eye One of the reasons why this technique is recommended is that it will have a negative effect on the skin when rubbing the eye cream around the eyes, and the other delicate point in using round eyes is that it is a small finger And the ring finger is used instead of the index finger, because because of the weight of these fingers, the bumps that are dentate

The use of eye-worms, though it can be very useful, but in some cases, such as those over the age of 60 or eyelid drooping or deep wrinkles in the eye area, can not be worn around the eyes. To be very effective and to completely eliminate them.

In case of any allergy, it is necessary to stop using the eye cream for a while and then reuse it after about 1 week because it may be due to a factor other than the eye-worm itself, such as nutrition, environmental sensitivity and ... In the event of a renewed discomfort, the skin completely abandoned it.

More Information
Condition Brand New / Unopened
Beauty Brands Unbranded
Formulation Cream
Skin Type All Skin Type
Gender Women
Features All Natural Ingredients
Concerns Wrinkles / Lines
Country of Manufacture China
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