Age perfect Regenerative skin moisturizing makeup Foundation

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  • Multifunction Foundation Cream 6 in 1
  • For the perfect smooth skin
  • Visible results immediately after application
  • Mineral pigments perfectly even out skin tone, conceal imperfections and hyperpigmentations

Age perfect Regenerative skin moisturizing makeup Foundation

Foundation is a skin-coloured makeup applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, to cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skintone. Some foundations also function as a moisturizer, sunscreen, astringent or base layer for more complex cosmetics. Foundation applied to the body is generally referred to as "body painting."

Application tools: There are various tools that can be used to apply foundation including your fingers, a sponge, and several varieties of foundation brushes, each providing a different finish. Before applying foundation always start with clean, moisturized skin. Any dry, flaky skin patches will be highlighted when makeup is applied so users should exfoliate their skin first if required.

Fingers: Using your fingers is great for creating a natural look. The natural body heat in your fingers helps the foundation to melt into your skin and it’s easy to blend in a sheer layer of makeup. However, using your fingers isn’t recommended for applying full coverage foundation though as it will create a streaky and uneven appearance.

Sponge: Using a sponge to apply foundation is great for creating a sheer to medium cover look. A triangular sponge is good for blending in liquid foundation and concealer, whilst a rounded sponge is best for powder foundations. Wet a clean sponge with water first: the moisture will help prevent the sponge from absorbing the makeup, but make sure to squeeze out excess water. The sponge will also assist in blending. Try to find sponges with pointed tips for a superb blending of the eye area. Also, note that reusing sponges can be unhygienic, so sponges should be washed and dried thoroughly after every use.

Brush: For liquid foundation, a brush with a synthetic bristle is recommended as the brush won’t soak up too much of the liquid. Alternatively, a natural bristle which is more porous works best for powder foundations such as mineral makeup. A densely bristled brush is best for the foundation as it is less likely to leave tell-tale streaky brush marks. As with all tools used to apply makeup to the face, brushes should be soft and gentle, as anything too stiff will scratch and irritate the skin.

Airbrush: Liquid foundation is applied with an air stream. The airbrush mixes the foundation with a controllable stream of compressed air. It adheres to the skin as millions of tiny droplets of the foundation. This technique can create an even, sheer, natural appearance to the skin that, if applied properly for a natural look, can appear natural and non-heavy like traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup application is also frequently used in special effects makeup.

Age Perfect

Multi function Foundation Cream 6 in 1 allows achieving the effect of perfectly smooth skin, visible immediately after application. Nourishing formula with hyaluronic acid, vitamins cocktail (A,C,E,F), caffeine and silk proteins intensely and long-lastingly moisturizes for 48hrs, lightens and smoothens complexion. Mineral pigments perfectly even out skin tone, conceal imperfections and hyperpigmentations

Warning: Keep our of reach of children.For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, May stain some fabrics.

More Information
Condition New
Cosmetic Brand Kiss beatuty
Face Makeup Type BB,CC & Alphabet Cream
Type Color / Paint
Formulation Cream
Shade Medium
Effect Matte
Skin Type All Skin Type
Features All Natural Ingredients
Country of Manufacture China
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