Eyelash forceps with Vavola Tweezers Best Quality

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  • User Manual
  • Open the lids and hold the eyelashes for a few seconds in place, repeatedly repeatedly gently, not too hard, slowly moving upwards (outside)
  • Use eyelash curler before using mascara.
  • Be careful to clean the dirt before and after use

Eyelash forceps with Vavola Tweezers Best Quality

yes that are considered "Window of the soul", an important highlight to make the face more attractive and attractive. Therefore, the eyes "deserve" you are cared carefully but at work, go out, party ... Possessing big eyes and soft lashes will increase the sensual part of the eyes, attractive people double face. This will be a "deadly weapon" if you want to attract a certain eye. Capturing that demand of women, today, we would like to introduce the product of the Clip-on Clip with Vavola Tweezers for you to have a voluptuous, sexy lashes, giving the eyes more glamorous and sweet.

It is rated as one of the best eyelashes in 2017. The eyelash clip has become the most popular item, easy to use and able to shape curved lashes all very clearly. Medium length hand, convenient for both make-up or makeup for others. Moderate lightness, does not make it difficult for users, especially new make-up. Gentle press, reduce tremor. stainless steel material, do not worry about rust or oxidation. The pad is not made of rubber like the type of eyelash press available on the market, but it is made of silicon so it is very soft without damaging the eyelashes, upgraded to a mushroom shape to increase the ability to make eyelashes. suitable for Asian eyes.

Eyelash forceps with Vavola Tweezers are believed to be the best eyelash clamps because they are very gentle, do not break the eyelashes, help the eyelashes curl evenly and are easy to bend, not clamping and clamping. The flat design is suitable for Asian eyes, hugging the eyelid closely to help the eyelid curl from the eye to the face, unlike many curvature in the middle of the eye. times. Extremely durable eyelash clamps can be used for a very long time. Comes with a box of 1 piece of rubber for convenient replacement for the user. Unique design of some chucks, convenient cleaning, make your eyelashes inserted more carefully, evenly More, in this way you will have handsome eyelashes, make your eyes wonderful and spirited.

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More Information
Condition Brand New / Unopened
Cosmetic Brand Vavola
Brush Cleaner Type Not Applicable
Brushes & Applicator Type Not Applicable
Eyelash Tools Type Eyelash Curler
Makeup Mirror Type N/A
Sponges,Applicator & Cotton Type N/A
Color Golden
Shade N/A
Formulation Crayon
Material Stainless Steel
Country of Manufacture China
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