Gemei Rechargeable Hair Remover Threading Machine- GM-2891 White

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  • Utilize the physical characters of the rapid swirl of cotton threads.  
  • Reomve facial hair for a better make- up result.
  • A safe and fast way to remove hair.
  • Control with pinpoint precision in any direction, unlike manual epilator.
  • Easily removes even shortest, finest hair.
  • Leaves skin soft and stubble free. Ideal for all skin types.
  • Safely removes hair no cuts or nicks.
  • Use on lip,chin,knees,cheeks,toes. Great for travel.
  • Light illuminates be convenient for see hairs.

Gemei Rechargeable Hair Remover- GM-2891 White

Gemei® By Elétrico- Remover is a quality device that simulates the method of hair removal with pure cotton thread used in Asian cultures and the Middle East for generations. The method has become fashionable among celebrities and beauty salons, capturing the undesirables and extracting them by the roots.

Unlike waxes, which removes the top layer of skin with the hair, the depilation with line is very gentle, minimizing irritations. Gemei® removes hairs from delicate areas of the cheek, forehead, chin, eyebrows, breasts region.

Gemei Facial Epilator Depilation Method with Line. It is an electric apparatus that makes tweezers movements with cotton thread.

The traditional method does not use any type of accessory or apparatus, ie only the pure cotton thread and twists on the wire, but these equipments were specially created so that anyone could use without major problems.

Can you use Gemei any part of the body?

Gemei has been ergonomically designed for facial hair removal and small areas like the fingers and toes. We do not recommend using Gemei below the eyebrow or in the bikini area because the skin is delicate in these areas. Otherwise, you can use Gemei anywhere, anytime!

Is Gemei easy to use?

Gemei is very easy to use, just follow the instructions and practice on an area of ??the body that is less noticeable with your fingers or toes and when you get the hang of it, you will feel like a pro.

It has internal rechargeable battery, can be used connected in the electric energy or only in the battery.

Package Include

  • 1 electric hair removal device 
  • 1 cotton thread Box for depilation
  • 1 White powder box for epilation 
  • 1 12V electric charger 
More Information
Condition Brand New / Unopened
Cosmetic Brand Gemei
Type Ear / Nose / Eyebrow
Color White
Gender Women
Features Battery Power
Country of Manufacture China
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